Colosseo: I’ll never forget that first day in Rome: we landed about 9:00am and we got off the plane and headed to our hotel. We went to lunch at about noon and I felt like it should have been 6am ─ I realized that jet lag was a very real thing. I had not slept the night before because our night had only been about 5 hours long and it was only like staying up very late. But imagine staying up until 2am only to watch the sun rise and the clocks suddenly rush forward 6 hours.

I was tired: very very tired.

But that was alright ─ I had a cappucino and set foot into the Roman streets and it was as if I was set ablaze. I think it was more the air of Rome that awoke me that the coffee, at least on that day. My wonder and adrenaline was running high that day and it was difficult to wrap my head around the idea:

I was in Rome.


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